Eccleston Square Hotel

This hotel is situated in a high-tech residential area of London. The address of the hotel is 37 Eccleston Square, Pimlico London. This area is much calmer as there is no chaos, and the area is more residential than being commercial. The historic residence of Sir Winston Churchill is just ahead of the hotel.


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The style and décor have not faded over the years. It still showcases antiqueness of 19 th century. Renovations were made recently and the resultant of this blending is awesome. Floors are tiled with black and white marble. Rooms are also embroidered in meaningful elegancy. The distinctive thing is the use of color, which is very elegant and is limited to black and white in most of the hotel.


Rooms come in healthier size with a luxury Hansen bed in center. You can have massage on it. Moreover 3D televisions, Nespresso machines and other elegancies will just leave your mouth open. And don’t worry about the price; it is much lower than the other competitors in town.